Isle of Tune iPad News

So our proposed end of April launch date mooched quietly into May.  No real issues or delays to blame, just kinda inevitable when we’re working on it around real-life stuff like jobs and family.

Good news is it’s 95% there, it’s just that last 5% is a looong list of tweaks, fiddling and testing!

May is a much better launch month anyway – it’s got my birthday in it!

In the meantime, here is a demo of a recent build:

I filmed it in one shot and made it up as I went along so it’s not the finest musical creation – but it does show how a few simple loops can be built up to make something sort of tuneful!

The video also demonstrates a few of the new features in action: adjustable cars speeds, road pausing/delays and the two new sound elements (bridges and road signs)

I’m liking it muchly, I find myself having a go on it quite a bit and itching to get it out there and see what people will make of it! Now for the final push

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