Isle of Tune iPad update

It’s pretty much a year to the day I first started on the web version of Isle of Tune and now 6 months since Stuart began work on the iOS version, so where are we now? Well, as of yesterday, we have a build that really does contain final, locked-down functionality and all elements in their rightful place! Whoop!

Yes, we might actually launch it in our lifetime

So why did it take so long? The answer is simple – with over 100,000 iPad apps available on the app store – however good we think ours is, it’s all too easy to get lost among all the other good stuff vying for attention. So rather than take several weeks off work and devote all our time (and money) to it, we chose to develop it in our free time ensuring we kept our day jobs/contracts and familys fed. The downside of course it that everything takes so much longer!

In-app help to get you going

I should point out that we have cried wolf over a launch date for the app once or twice over the last few months – convinced that we are almost done and ready for a beta release – but on further testing discover that it really wouldn’t be complete without some additional functionality. In particular over the last month or so we have been beefing up the social side of the app. Along with achievements for ranked islands, a user can share islands with Game Center friends. This is a really neat addition that we are mildly excited about and makes viewing and rating friends tunes a really simple and enjoyable process.

Browse your own and friends islands with Game Center sharing

So ahead of us before submission to Apple we have a final round of testing to iron out last minute bugs then it’s sink or swim in the app store – bring it on! (but give us a few weeks just in case!)

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Isle of Tune iPad News

So our proposed end of April launch date mooched quietly into May.  No real issues or delays to blame, just kinda inevitable when we’re working on it around real-life stuff like jobs and family.

Good news is it’s 95% there, it’s just that last 5% is a looong list of tweaks, fiddling and testing!

May is a much better launch month anyway – it’s got my birthday in it!

In the meantime, here is a demo of a recent build:

I filmed it in one shot and made it up as I went along so it’s not the finest musical creation – but it does show how a few simple loops can be built up to make something sort of tuneful!

The video also demonstrates a few of the new features in action: adjustable cars speeds, road pausing/delays and the two new sound elements (bridges and road signs)

I’m liking it muchly, I find myself having a go on it quite a bit and itching to get it out there and see what people will make of it! Now for the final push

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Isle of Tune iPad screens

With the iPad version of Isle of Tune due out in a couple of weeks or so – thought I’d show some of the designs…

Keeping the UI nice and simple for the title screen + a fancy schmancy new logo for the iOS versions designed by the talented Ilija Melentijevic.  The font is ‘Big Sky’ by Kristian Larsen and can be downloaded here.

Click to highlight an element and a keyboard pops up allowing you to change the note or sound effect.

Car specific controls for rotating, resetting and changing speed

Browsing shared islands – can view all the ones made with the online version as well as app-created islands with all the spangly new features:

  • up to 8 cars on screen
  • faster and slower speeds for individual cars
  • ‘traffic lights’ on roads to delay movement
  • new instruments and sound effects

Whoop!  It’s nearly there!

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